Elitexion Classic Retractable Utility Knife Box Cutter with Finger Grip – Heavy Duty Body and Alloy Steel Blade (Pack of 3)

  • YOUR GO-TO UTILITY KNIFE – Our retractable box cutter is made with a sturdy body and a resilient, thin & sharp blade that can cut through cardboard boxes, papers, ropes, and rubber/plastic pipes. Very easy to use when compared to scissors or normal knives. Built with a no-frills, standard design, the blade can be assembled or replaced quickly.
  • SHARP & STURDY – Our 6 inch utility knife is well-constructed with double-ended heavy duty carbon alloy steel blades that are remarkably tough, durable & corrosion resistant. The top quality ensures that the box cutter blade remains sharp for way longer even with recurrent use, without compromising on flawless precision cutting.
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE – Practically designed to accomplish day-to-day cutting tasks around the house or workplace – it can be used as a heavy duty utility knife for drywall, carpet, and even roofing shingles with way less exertion than scissors, and proves ideal for many arts and crafts applications. The sleek razor-edged blade does the trick for the smooth accurate cutting and proves equally suitable for home, office, garage, garden, and workshop.
  • RELIABLY INTERLOCKING NOSE – Built with 3 adjustable notches, the length of the blade can be easily adjusted by simply sliding the knob up and down based on your requirement or the depth of cut needed. Once done, slide the blade back in – the smooth encasing keeps the retractable utility blade securely inside the knife body, making it extremely safe & easy to carry around even in your bag or pocket.