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Elitexion is a leading supplier of tools and accessories for the auto and home industry. We offer hundreds of products for the professional, DIY and home users.

Who We Are 

With over 15 years of experience, Elitexion is a leading supplier of tools and accessories for the auto and home industry.

Some Of Our Products

2" x 20 Ft Tow Strap with Hooks

2″ Nylon super strength tow strap, 20 ft towing capacity that is rated at 10,000 lbs. Very handy and practical tow strap for towing.

2" x 12 Ft Tow Strap with Hooks

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50 Ft Fish Tape Reel

High quality flexible spring steel fish tape with impact case for heavy duty usage. Ideal for pulling cables or wires behind drywall, ceiling, pipe, or vents.

4 in 1 Auto Battery Brush

Contour handle for a comfortable grip, cleans out dirt and corrosion from battery terminal and cable clamps.

5" Crimping Wire Stripper Cutter

Sharp front edge for easy operating in tight space. Thick handle grip for a comfortable usage. Sturdy, compact and precise for a variety of use.

1/4" Magnetic Adjustable Bit Holder

The bit holder is magnetic and allows you to adjust the depth of screw. Made of high quality steel to give you long lasting and maximum durability.

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These work better than my more expensive brand name equivalent. And they sell for less. Great deal all the way around.

Daniel B.

Works well, good value. Getting the job done and very satisfied.

John D.

This is perfect, the right price at the at the right quantity. Very happy camper.

Gary S.

Very good quality, great handy tool,  did the job nicely and a have a few more to spare.

Kelvin L.

Using over 15 years of knowledge and experience, we strive to provide the best product quality and competitive price to our customers.

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