Elitexion Polishing Sanding Set, 5 inches with 5/8 inch TPI Spindle, Set of 5pcs

  • This is a 5” Inch diameter backer plate designed for polishing or sanding surfaces.
  • Fit most electric angle grinders. 5/8 inch TPI Spindle.
  • Ideal to use for polishing/sanding furniture, wood, plastic, metal surfaces, and automotive surfaces.
  • The hook and loop backing pad will makes the changing between the synthetic wool pad and the sanding disc very easy and simple.
  • Set includes: 1pc Hook and looping backing pad, 1pc Synthetic wool polishing pad, 1 pcs 40 Grit sanding disc, 1pc 120 Grit sanding disc, 1pc 240 Grit sanding disc.